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Our printer ink refill is formulated for your printer. Because I use each refill for just a brief period of time, and with only one printer, my ink refill experiences are anecdotal and do not test the durability or archivability of third-party inks, nor how the printer will fare after repeated use with them.

The company founders put together a team inspired by the science behind each manufacturer’s cartridge in order to offer clients the high-end quality they are accustomed to. As a result, all of our HP a fantastic read are top-end, remanufactured inkjets that provide customers with bright, vivid photos and enhanced documents.

These refill kits come with full and detailed toner refill instructions, and toner that has been specially formulated and tested to provide the same quality prints as your original cartridge (100% same quality guaranteed on your 1st refill, 90% quality on 2nd refill etc as cartridge wears and tears).


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Printer ink is one of the most expensive things that you’ll run into when you set up your home office. The conduct of do-it-yourself refills on a Brother toner cartridge is not only easy but can also generate user savings of up to $51.50. This was reckoned from the price difference of a 2 pack OEM Brother TN460 toner cartridge and a twin pack Brother TN460 toner refill kit that retail for $125 and $22 respectively.

We rely on word of mouth advertising as we operate on very low margins, and it is our quality and service that sets us apart from your other ink vendors printer ink cartridges and why we are able to offer our 100% Guarantee for 1 Year on all our value cartridges and a lifetime guarantee on our Premium cartridges.

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Refilled Cartridges for HP, Lexmark, Canon, Dell, Epson, Brother, Sharp and Xerox. Because the industry operates on a classic razor-and-blades business model —the printer click this link itself isn’t pricy, but ink and toner refills cost an exorbitant amount—printer manufacturers have a huge incentive to get you to replace your cartridges quickly.

We are proud to offer both Original Brand Brother cartridges (ink cartridges and toner cartridges), but also compatible brand Brother cartridges that are guaranteed to perform to the same quality and page yield expectations that you have of the Originals.

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Most online discount inkjet cartridges stores also sell refill kits for the do-it-yourselfers. As Charles Duan observed in Slate last October, Lexmark’s aggressive, decade-long campaign of litigation” against remanufacturers is of a piece with other innovations—including its shrinkwrap-borne licenses barring consumers from refilling and reselling its ink cartridges—designed to cut out the competition and redefine private ownership in a decidedly corporate-friendly way.

As part of our quest to provide you with the lowest prices around, we encourage you to find easily and fast your printer model by using our search tool at the upper left corner of this page and search by either printer model or Lexmark ink cartridge model number.

Keep your printing costs under control and your projects on schedule with wholesale prices and great shipping deals from The California company has a huge warehouse hop over to this site in Long Beach, vets all its vendors to ensure the highest quality inks, and has more than a decade of experience delivering great inks at great prices.

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The New York Times reports on the dirty little secret printer catridge manufacturers won’t tell you: a cartridge can be reused several times, and now companies are popping up that will do ink refills for a lower price than buying new. Our prices are even cheaper than a Brother ink cartridges refill kit, and when you buy our cheap ink cartridges you are ensured higher quality than an OEM that already ran through its life cycle because all of our compatible cartridges have new parts and are fully charged.

I’m curious about Epson’s thoughts on the use of aftermarket ink sold in refill bottles, for it’s recently introduced “Eco-Tank” series of printers, introduced in 2016, which don’t require individual cartridges, but rather have refillable larger capacity tanks.

If you raise a lip of melted plastic around the hole, trim or melt it off (you may need to periodically and carefully wipe the tool tip) to ensure tape i loved this will fit well around the hole to seal it and not be vulnerable to bumps, and to ensure that the cartridge will still fit well into the printer.

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Uni-Kit is a manufacturer and a leading wholesaler of quality inkjet and laser toner refills. Our compatible Brother ink cartridges use ink that has been released from extensive testing to deliver high quality black and color print performance exceptional for your photos, presentation and marketing materials, and your black and color documents.

Laser printer supplies include toner and ink cartridges, as well as printer fusers that are heated rollers that transfer toner onto the paper being printed find more info on. Transfer kits keep the transfer rollers and belt functioning properly, which is important for the proper functioning of your laser printer.

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What are toner refill kits? For price discrimination, some printer manufacturers (e.g. Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Xerox) give their printers and ink cartridges region codes – similar to DVD region codes -, so that the users can only use printers and ink cartridges from their region and cannot import cheaper ones from another region.

Offering our customers all of the top brand names in office supplies, such as Canon, Xerox, Lexmark and Brother, our inks and toners will not only ensure optimal printing with smooth results but will also produce solid black and vibrant color results with each and every print job.